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SP Images Retail Trading Card Disclaimer

SP Images Distribution is actively taking responsible measures to grow the trading card category. As the demand for trading cards continues to increase through service-friendly brick and mortar locations and digital interactions happening on numerous social media platforms our mutual and honest cooperation will help preserve a healthy trading card market. SP Images distributes Retail Branded (RB) trading cards licensed by Topps, Panini and Upper Deck to eligible retailers. All trading card products and pre-orders are subject to all manufacturer allocations. Higher demand releases are allocated based on overall support for an entire product line by league. For example, in order to receive an allocation for Panini Prizm NFL cards, your account must reflect support for the Score, Donruss, Prestige and Absolute brands. To secure allocations for higher demand MLB items such as Topps Chrome & Bowman, your account must reflect support for Series 1, Series 2, Opening Day, etc. All RB products must be advertised at MSRP or higher per selling unit. All RB products may not be re-distributed to other wholesalers, retailers, show dealers or resold on any B2B wholesales websites. All RB product must be sold directly to the consumer or end user. Non-compliance with these conditions will result in account closure and cancelation of all orders. All pre-orders are not guaranteed by SP Images Distribution and are all subject to manufacturer allocations.

  • “Retail Branded” products must be sold at MSRP or higher per selling unit.
  • “Retail Branded” products can NOT be re-distributed to other wholesalers/retailers/show dealers or resold on sites such as Dealernet B2B for any reason.
  • “Retail Branded” products must be sold to the consumer/end user at MSRP or higher.
  • All pre-orders must ship within 5 business days of street date. If your product commitments exceed the 5 business days; SP Images has the right to purge any and all orders in our system as well as deactivate your account.
  • Non-compliance of the “Retail Branded” requirements detailed above will result in account closure and cancelation of all orders.
  • Cancellations/reductions of any pre-orders will result in account closure.
  • All trading card preorders may be subject to manufacturer’s allocation.

Pre-Order Shipping Disclaimer: All products pre-ordered or special ordered must ship within five (5) business days of release date. If your product commitment exceeds the five (5) business days, SP Images may re-allocate current pre-orders and may result in account suspension or cancellation.

Shipping Practices & Insurance for Trading Cards: Shipping Insurance or UPS Declared Value is a service offered by SP Images’ preferred carrier for Ground shipments United Parcel Service (UPS). UPS's liability and in turn SP Images’ liability for damaged contents of packages or lost packages is limited to $100.00 on packages with no declared value. Meaning that SP Images is not, in any way, responsible for packages or their contents after they have left our facility. In the case of a lost or damaged package, SP Images will only refund $100.00 of the total cost to the customer because that is what UPS refunds SP Images in the case of a damaged or lost package that has no declared value added. If the value of your goods exceeds $100.00, you can choose to declare a higher value, up to $50,000.00 per package. If you choose to declare value on your shipment, the first $100.00 of your UPS declared value is free of charge. Anything over $100.00 incurs a $1.05 fee per $100.00 of value. However, the minimum charge to declare value is $3.15 for any UPS package, see the UPS Current Pricing Guide for Value-Addded Services here. If you wish to declare value on your shipments please notify your Account Manager. To learn more about UPS Declared Value click here. SP Images also offers a Shipping Insurance Waiver. This waiver allows the customer to opt-out of adding declared value to their shipments due to a customer's own inusrance policy or simply choosing not to insure packages and by doing so waives any and all liability of SP Images for not declaring the proper value for a shipment. If you would like to waive your shipping insurance you can complete and submit the Shipping Insurance Waiver Form here.

Best practices that will help support a freight claim

When you sign a bill of lading (BOL) for a delivery from any freight carrier, you are signing a document that states that you have received the delivery in good order without notations. Anything missing or damaged should be caught and notated at the point of receiving. Here are some best practices that will help support a freight claim should this happen to you. 

Signing unit of measure notes. For example, if the BOL states 5 pallets and only 4 are being delivered, make a notation on the BOL "Missing 1 pallet only received 4 pallets”. This must be at the time of delivery and written on the primary or drivers copy. You should have the same notations on your copy as well.

Signing for cases on pallets. Verify the pallet count; if the driver does not have time to do it. Sign for the pallet(s) and list "Cases Subject Count" most likely the driver will wait until the cases on the pallet are counted.

In regards to damages, list specific details on damage, pallet and/or cases. Any damage unable to determine at point of delivery. Notate "Damage pallets/cases subject to inspection" notating the visual damage detail. Also, take pictures of the damage in the truck, off the truck and detailed pictures of damaged items.

Double Boxing: SP Images also offers a double-boxing service for an additional $3.50 per case which covers the labor and material cost. Double-boxing can offer an added layer of protection for sensitive packaging of higher value trading cards that are shipped directly in unopened cases that come direct from the manufacturer. If you would like to have your shipment double-boxed please notify your Account Manager.

If you have any questions regarding our trading card policies please contact your Account Manager or contact our Management Team here