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Become a SP Images Wholesale Customer

SP Images LLC (SPI) is a wholesale distributor of licensed sports and entertainment merchandise, therefore, SPI does does not sell wholesale merchandise to the general public. In order to be eligible to open an SP Images wholesale account and purchase merchandise at wholsale pricing and without state and federal taxes applied you must have a valid federal tax identification number and state resale tax ID. You must also have a brick and mortar store or registered self-named eCommerce platform. Amazon, eBay and other website seller accounts are not eligble forms of a business entity. If you do not have a physical brick and mortar store but have a registered self-named eCommerce platform, you will not be allowed to purchase any merchandise licensed by Major League Baseball (MLB) or the National Football League (NFL). All merchandise licensed by MLB and NFL is strictly prohibited and monitored by the MLB and NFL eCommerce Policy and cannot be sold on any third-party website. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate termination of your SP Images wholesale account.

All customer forms are also available on the forms page of our site located here

To begin the process of opening an account please follow the steps below:

1. Complete and sign the SP Images New Customer Application which can be found here
2. If your business is located in Ohio, you must complete and sign the Ohio Tax Form which can be found here
3. If your business is located in Massachusetts, you must complete and sign the Massachusetts Tax Form which can be found here
4. Obtain a copy of your Federal tax ID and your State resale tax ID
5. Send all forms, including copies your tax identification to our Credit Manager, Ellen Samon, via fax to (508) 530-3691 or via email to esamon@spimages.com

Please note that it typically takes 2 to 3 business days for an application to be processed. Furthermore, SP Images wholesale pricing will not be provided until the application process is complete and you have been issued an SP Images account number. Any application that is received incomplete, is not signed by an officer of the company, is not accompanied by the proper tax forms or is incomplete in any other way will not be processed and will be properly discarded without notice.

If you have any questions regarding the application process please contact our Credit Manager, Ellen Samon, via email at esamon@spimages.com or via telephone at (732) 431-3572